vue-tiny-validate 💯 Tiny Vue Validate Composition


During the time of refactoring our project, we have coped with so many challenges, one of which was to minimize bundle size of the external libraries. We looked for a solution in the Vue community, and we have seen so many great validation tools, namely Vuelidate or vee-validate. They were all great, but they weren't the best fit for our problem at hand.

Most, or maybe all of them, are over 10KB minified. This was way too heavy for our goal of keeping our validation library robust, fully-supported, and most importantly, minimal.

That's why vue-tiny-validate was born.


  • Easy. Come with familiar API and coherent documentation.
  • Tiny. Only 3.4KB minified. 1.4KB gzipped.
  • Flexible. Full control over everything.
  • Fully functional. Sync validation, async validation, etc supported.
  • Compatible. Works with both Vue 2.6 and Vue 3.
  • Nearly 100% unit test coverage.


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