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with npm:

npm install vue-tiny-validate

or with Yarn:

yarn add vue-tiny-validate


Now that you've installed the library, let's get started with a basic usage guide below.

  <input v-model="" />
  <span>Is Invalid: {{ result.$invalid }}</span>
  <button v-on:click='result.$test'>Validate</button>

import { reactive } from 'vue';
import useValidate from 'vue-tiny-validate';

export default {
  setup() {
    const data = reactive({ name: 'Evelyn' });
    const rules = reactive({
      name: {
        name: 'required',
        test: (value) => Boolean(value),
        message: 'Name must not be empty.'

    const { result } = useValidate(data, rules);

    return { result, data };

As you can see above, the useValidate composition requires 2 parameters data and rules.

The result value has everything you need to get and set the validation. In this example, we use the $test method to validate and the $invalid property to get validation state.

Head to Usage to see more detailed instructions.